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I have been an EMT for nearly 20 years. I first started as a volunteer and relied heavily on the wisdom of more seasoned members. I learned my basic skills in school but what I really learned from those wizened gents. I learned how to care for my patients, my crew and myself - things not taught in books. As I moved up through the ranks and became a professional EMT I sought out other mentors to help me along.

As time progressed, I became the mentor and tried to pass along what I have learned. Now I have found that we are sorely lacking in those wizened mentors. Where is a new person to go for some help? When you leave school you are expected to have the all the skills necessary to treat critically ill patients and to maintain a high level of professionalism whether they are paid or volunteer. How do you learn those skills?

Today’s emergency medical technician needs guidance in what gear to carry, how to interact with patients and fellow co-workers. They need to obtain continuing education and manage their personal lives. This site is dedicated to that purpose.

In nearly 20 years I have been a probie, a rank-and-file member, an officer and an instructor. I have been mentored and been a mentor. I hope to pass that knowledge on to you.

What is going on at EMT Resources?
What is happening at EMT-Resources? A list of musings and important information about what is happening at the site.
Emergency Medical Technician - so you want to be one?
So you want to become an Emergency Medical Technician? Here's what it takes to be one. A list of some of the job requirements is listed on this page.
EMT Training
EMT Training, Information on how to become an Emergency Medical Technician. Links to resources and tests.
EMT Study Habits
Developing good EMT Study Habits is important to passing your certification exam. This page discusses some common good study habits.
EMT Test Preparation
EMT Test Preparation is an important part of your EMT education. Studying habits and practice exams are a good way of preparing for the test.
EMT Practice Test - Samples
A EMT Practice Test is a good way to help prepare to take your final certification exam. Free sample tests and quizzes are available.
EMS Supplies
What's hot in EMS Supplies and gear and where to get them.
EMT Jobs
How to find EMT Jobs using search engines, job postings and salary surveys are included.
EMT Volunteers
Resources needed for EMT volunteers and their agencies
Wearing your EMT Jacket
Wearing your EMT Jacket, what kinds of jackets are out there and who's wearing them.
CPR Resources
CPR is an important skill for EMTs but initial certification and recertification can be time consuming.
CPR Certification
How to obtain your CPR Certification, on-line and at a training center
CPR Recertification
How to obtain your CPR Recertification, on-line and at a training center
CPR Research - A summary of 2005 AHA Guidelines
What went into the CPR Research for the 2005 American Heart Association Guidelines
Running Volunteer Meetings
How to run a volunteer meetings. A discription of a basic agenda
Download a Free EMT Practice Test
Downlad a free emt practice test
Mod-1 - Preparatory
MOD-1 is the first module in the EMT-Basic course. It covers the essential aspects of being an EMT.
MOD-2 - Airway
MOD-2 is the airway module. Historically this is the module that has the highest failing grade on the National Registry Test
MOD-3 Trauma Assessment and Documentation
MOD-3 is the first assessment module. This is traditionally a difficult module to learn since it is a brand new skill set.
MOD-4 Medical Assessment
MOD-4 is the medical assessment module. It covers a broad range of topics from respiratory emergencies to childbirth.
MOD-5 Trauma Assessment
MOD-5 is the trauma assessment module. This module covers soft tissue trauma as well as injuries to the skelatal system.
MOD-6 Pediatrics and Geriactrics
MOD-6 covers the assessment and treatment of pediatric and geriatric patients.
Mod-7 Operations
MOD-7 covers the basic operations of an EMT peforming his or her job in the field.
EMT Bags - a heavy subject
EMT bags can be your best friend or your worst enemy. This page discusses what makes a good bag and what breaks your back.
EMT Job Openings
How to use a major search engine to search for EMT Job Openings.
An EMT Organization Example
This page describes a typical EMT Organization and the functions of many jobs within the EMT organization.
EMT Salary survey
The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics publishes its EMT salary review every year. 2007 is the last year for which data is available.
Emt Scissors - cutting your way through...
Emt Scissors (also known as trauma shears) is that one piece of EMT gear that gets overlooked. This page desribes what we mean by scissors
EMT Stethoscope - a practical review
Which type of EMT Stethoscope is right for you. We review the various types of EMT Stethoscopes and compare and contrast thier features
Writing Volunteer By-Laws
Writing Volunteer by-laws is not easy. This page describes what needs to be included in a good set of by-laws.
What are ambulances? They are conveyances for transporting the sick and injured to places were they can receive definitive care. They also the start of definitive care. This page covers a lot of infor
History of Ambulances
The history of ambulances began with the Spanish in the 1400 to carry their wounded soldiers off the battle field. Little progress was made until the 20th century. This page discusses some of the maj
EMS White Paper
The 1966 EMS White paper started the development of our modern EMS system. The paper is also known as the "Accidental Death and Disability: The Neglected Disease of Modern Society"
Ambulance Types
What are the governmental ambulance types? This page describes what is an ambulance.
Ambulance Safety
Ambulance Safety is an oft over looked area of an EMT's job. This page looks at some issues surrounding Ambulances
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