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Using search engines such as Google are great for find information but EMT-Links are reviewed links by me which may provide a bit more useful information. Many links reported back from Google are not that useful to you since your search criterion was too broad. Theselinks are more directed and contain information not found elsewhere on this site.

CPR Links
These links are for manufacturers of CPR equipment as well as CPR training and supplies.
Defibrillators in China:CPR training and devices for use in China.
Defibtech: Affordable defibrillators for everyone

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EMT Education
Your EMT Education is very important. Finding a school that is both good, close-by and inexpensive is very important to your education. This section will list schools that have published web pages.

Many of these schools and institutions offer initial courses, recertification course and continuing education course.

We will break the schools down by location.

New Jersey
Bergen County
Bergen County Technical Schools

Union County
Union County College

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