EMT Test Preparation starts at Day 1

You have been in EMT school for some time and now it's time for your EMT Test Preparation. Actually preparation for your EMT test should have started on day 1 of the course. Back then you did not have a real understanding of what it takes to be an EMT. By now you have some hints.

You are currently mastering the basic skills through hand-on skill labs and this is very important. You will need to show proficiency to an evaluator for each of your skills. This is hard but most students fear the written test.

Your EMT Test Preparation begins starting from DAY 1. You need to study each day. Some things that you should consider while studying:


Make sure you have set aside enough time to study throughout the class. Ideally you should read the class material before you go to each class and then re-read the material after each class.

Some people read faster than others and some can read in a noisy bus station, others require library like silence. What ever you do, set aside enough time to study.


You should be ready to study. Most of us consider studying a chore. Like most chores, we have to do them but we don't really like it. You need to pump yourself up for this task. Remember the reasons you want to become an EMT.


How well are you studying? Taking an EMT Practice Test while studying is a good way to know if you understand the material. No cheating while you take these test. The only person you harm is your patient. Click here to learn about EMT Practice Tests: EMT Practice Tests


You will absorb a great deal of material during your course. Take time to allow the material to sink in. If you have a lecture, let the skills labs reinforce that knowledge. Likewise, let the skills you learn be reinforced by the lectures.

Finally, take a break. Walk away from your studies for a short while. We all need the downtime.

If you have a family, make sure they are part of your studying process. If they give you space and time to study, remember to pay them back by giving them more of your time. Click here for some good EMT study habits

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